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Emergency Roof Tarping

Following any type of disaster to your home or business, your goal should be to get to work immediately with emergency roof tarping to help stabilize the property to avoid any additional damage or loss.

This is where emergency roof tarping comes in. Tarping a damaged roof is an important action that preserves the option for rebuilding a property after a disaster. CS Roofing Company offers emergency roof tarping solutions following damage to your property.

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Emergency Roof Tarping Service

Tarping a damaged roof is an important action that preserves the option for rebuilding a property after a disaster.

Roof damage to your home or business can be caused by a storm, fire, or other emergency. Damage needs to be addressed immediately to help avoid further harm by the elements or intruders. Our professional crews use emergency roof tarping  techniques to help keep your home or business secure while the roof is inspected and repaired.

Emergency Roof Tarping Michigan

Do You Need Emergency Roof Tarping?

There are a number of reasons you may need Emergency Roof Tarping

Fire: A home taken over by flames may suffer from a compromised structure, fragile walls, and holes through the ceiling or roof. After the fire is put out, emergency roof tarping prevents additional destruction and property loss until restoration can be completed.

Flood: In the case of flooding, the source of the water could impact the type of home services required. For instance, a leak in the roof from heavy rainfall calls for tarping to temporarily cover the holes. On the other hand, an underground pipe burst or flood caused by a natural disaster can permeate flooring and drywall materials, destroying the integrity of the walls and requiring immediate board-up services.

Severe Weather: Severe weather conditions are capable of causing all kinds of damage to your home or business.  Strong wind gusts can uproot trees and send branches flying through windows, while hail damage and rain wreak havoc on roofs. And tornadoes are even more destructive.

Vandalism: Vandals can generate their fair share of damage. Windows smashed by rocks and doors destroyed by forced entry are a couple of situations that may require board-up services. You’ll want to make sure your home’s points of entry are secure.

Accidents: Whether it’s a shattered window from a baseball or a vehicle crashing into the side of your home, emergency board-up services provide the temporary security solution you need while figuring out your next steps. You can be sure CS Roofing Company will help you get a temporary solution.

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CS Roofing Company Emergency Roof Tarping Steps

CS Roofing will conduct several steps  during the process of Emergency Tarping your property:

  1. Analyze and survey the area: Are power lines down? Is the structure safe?
  2. Perform a Needs Analysis: We’ll determine how bad the damage is, how we can temporarily make the fix along with what materials and tools are needed.
  3. Remove Debris. We’ll remove any debris impeding the repair
  4. Measure the Area: We’ll take accurate measurements to determine amount of material needed to ensure a safe and stable tarping
  5. Complete Tarping: We’ll ensure any openings to the property are properly tarped against the elements.
  6. Final Inspection: We’ll take a look at the job and ensure it can withstand the elements and provide as much safety and security as possible given the damage.

Things We Need From You Prior to Starting

Here are a few things you can do to ensure a smooth project 

  • Your selected roof tarp size and quantity (if you know)
  • Your selected time frame for tarp installation
  • Any photographs of your property to help us plan and prepare
  • Estimates for any roof repairs or roof replacement you may need
  • If your insurance adjuster requests – we will remove the tarp for the adjuster inspection and replace that tarp, if requested within 30 days of original installation of the tarp.

Residential Gutter Cleaning: $199

CS Roofing Company offers a full gutter cleaning service for your home.

Our residential gutter cleaning service is $199.

Roof Tarping Michigan

Ready to Get Started?

If you have suffered damage to your home or business and need Emergency Roof Tarping, please contact us today by calling (855) FIX-ROOF or filling out the form below. On our our staff members will be in touch with you immediately and we will get to your home or business as soon as possible.

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