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Roof Tune-up

It’s important to take care of your roof. Like anything you may own, the quality and functionality of your roof can degrade over time if it’s not well cared for. That’s where the CS Roofing Company Roof Tune-Up comes in.

For the very affordable fee of $199, the CS Roofing Company team will come out to your home or business and tackle a range of items from our maintenance checklist. What you’re left with is a roof that is well cared for to help you through the hot sunny days and wet, stormy nights ahead.

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The Roof Tune-Up: $199

When your roof needs a tune-up, give us a call and our team will deploy and tackle a list of items to keep your roof in great shape. The following list are tasks we conduct when on your property for our Roof Tune-Up service:

  1. Inspect shingles and flat roofing on all roof slopes. We will check for:
    • Damage to shingles from nail pops
    • Blown off shingles
    • Damage to penetrations
    • Soft or rotted roof sheathing
    • Damage to flashings and chimney caps
  2. Inspect the gutters and downspouts for damage
  3. Perform minor repairs to deficiencies found during our inspection.  This to include:
    • Sealing of counterflashing, exposed nails, nail pops, or minor shingles punctures/tears as needed
    • Replacement of missing or badly damaged shingles (up to 5 )
    • Re-fastening of any loose flashing or metal edging
  4. Clean up all debris from this work and haul to a legal landfill
  5. Provide an inspection report with photos and detailing our findings
  6. Clean out all debris from gutters and downspouts on all buildings
CS Roofing Company

Roof Tune-Up Service: $199

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